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With me your dreams come true, because I fulfill all your wishes. I am the right exclusive high -class lady for a business trip or if you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday, for private events, visits to the opera and cocktail evenings. Even if you simply want to enjoy an exceptional intimate rendezvous in a hotel room or in your home.

I’m a Luxury companion and I love to seduce you at our meeting and I will be an unforgettable passionate girlfriend on time.



So that I can enjoy you with all my senses, I need at least 7 hours of undisturbed sleep during the night.

Travel companionship

If we go on a trip together, please understand that I would like to take one hour a day for myself to take care of professional or private matters.

Deposit and travel advance

Depending on the booking, these can be paid in advance in the form of a discreet Gift-Card Voucher or a bank transfer, Twint or Paypal and the rest will be in cash. If we don't know each other yet, please understand that even for a booking within Zurich less than 4 hours, I require a deposit or verification to make sure it is a real booking request.

Cancellation or rebooking

Of course it can happen that our date has to be cancelled or postponed for various reasons. Should you find yourself in the situation of having to cancel or reschedule, your deposit payment will remain valid and will be credited to the new date. I will be happy to give you up to two alternative dates. If I have to cancel for reasons and an alternative date is not possible, you will of course get your deposit back.


For this I charge 30% more on my regular prices


Threesomes with one of my friends. I apply my regular price
(Please have a look at the duo pictures on my page). If you are interested, please send me an email or WhatsApp request for more of my girlfriends.

Fly me to you

I am very happy to visit you in your city or country. (for a trip in the USA & CANADA I apply separate rates, which I will gladly send you by email) Otherwise I will gladly travel from 12 hours within Europe plus the travel costs incurred. Should I not be able to leave on the same day or evening, for example because there are no more flights or trains, you should book a room for me for the night.

My prices are based on CHF. GBP, EUR and USD at the daily exchange rate, for further information please contact me.

My prices are non-negotiable, because top quality is non-negotiable. For holidays or bookings of more than three days, please inform me at least one week in advance, if possible.

Regular contact

Would you like regular, personal contact with me?
If you would like to stay in touch between our meetings via text message or phone, I offer that option.
If you want company during a long car journey, are bored at home or in your daily routine, or if you just want to talk and be cheered up by a voice and company.

Exclusive temporary girlfriend

If you would like to have me as your exclusivegirlfriend for a certain period of time and have me just for you, I offer you the opportunity to do. However, on the condition that the agreement is not cancelled. It would therefore make sense to book a few dates with me already to see if the chemistry between us is right. Then we can talk about your price expectations. As soon as everything is discussed, a banner with the message "Currently not available" will appear on the homepage of my homepage, so that the gentlemen know that I am currently not available and you can enjoy me alone. A cancelled arrangement is non-refundable and if interrupted, the full amount must be paid. Depending on the agreement, whether it is a 6-month or annual agreement, the full amount must be paid. All agreements are due on the first day of the month.

Kind regards Laura M.

Companion for social events

dinner, fairs, party, exhibitions, wedding.

1 hour                                     250 CHF

2 hours                                   500 CHF

Each additional hours price on request.

Text messages / Phone calls


Per Day                                           150 CHF

Per Week                                       500 CHF

30 minutes phone call          150 CHF

*Per month                                1’500 CHF

*Includes daily loving text messages + two phone calls per day.

Luxury companion service

included Cocktail.

2 hours                                   800 CHF

3 hours                                 1’000 CHF

4 hours                                 1’200 CHF

Luxury companion service

included lunch / dinner.

5 hours                                 1’400 CHF

6 hours                                 1’600 CHF

Each additional hours 200 CHF.


included dinner.

12 hours                               2’000 CHF

14 hours                               2’300 CHF

16 hours                               2’600 CHF

24 hours*                            3’000 CHF

*breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Travel companion


1 day                                      3’500 CHF

2 days                                    4’500 CHF

3 days                                    5’200 CHF

Extra days contact me.


*2 hours appointments outside Zurich up to 50km

*Traveling to another city or country, outside my city or dates longer than 12h I require a deposit of 50%

*Travel expenses (train, taxi, plane tickets) are not included in the price

* If the agreements with an (Exclusive girlfriend) are not respected, appropriate legal action will be taken agains that person. This is necessary due to the resulting downtime and unavailability of my homepage for others.

Let’s take the next step and be together